There were a lot of ways to continue the plot but a sudden windfall is just to far-fetched
It is a story about two women, one born into privilege and the other into poverty, and the child that binds them both in ways that neither woman would have been able to either anticipate or comprehend It was just so over the top

Irena Montoya and Tatiana Jones come from two entirely different worlds.

Alma of My Heart: A Love Story eBook : Lo, Susanna: Kindle Store
The felicitous route that brings baby Alma to a new family, and then years later brings her two mothers face to face at last, is beautiful beyond words
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It is also a story about grief and its power to either transform or destroy
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Supreme Court — were caught up in the melee אני: הרבה שואלים מאיפה אנחנו ולמה האתר באנגלית
מה מקבלים: עשר שרשראות ועשרה צמידים עם עין כחולה, בגולדפילד או בכסף Gillman, Dallas News, 10 Jan

עלמה: שיש לנו גם חנויות בגדים בנוסף לתכשיטים.

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Russo, The Christian Science Monitor, 8 June 2021 Davidson, the alma mater of Golden State star Steph Curry, went 13-9 and finished third in the Atlantic 10 in 2020-21
Alma Mater
High School, his alma mater
Alma Mater
I was reminded of the fun magic-realism in the films MISTRESS OF THE SPICES, WOMEN ON TOP and CHOCOLAT