This one information the user can select to add but it is good to give him control to add which information to show and even more the one information where he can swap left or right to go through the other selected information without logging in
Sabb formerly known as the saudi british bank provides a range of banking solutions for individuals and businesses in saudi arabia This release offers: - The ability to raise your complaints and follow up with their status directly through SABBMobile application

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خطوات فتح حساب بنك ساب الإلكتروني؟! SABB online 2021
If you could add a new setting called widgets where the user can select specific information like the balance of one of his accounts outside the app
بنك ساب اون لاين
This will save a lot of time once the user want only to know how much money in his account
ساب تداول مجاني
please take care of such things and it will be great


بنك ساب اون لاين
تطبيق ساب موبايل الجديد مميزات وخدمات لا غنى عنها لعملاء بنك ساب SABB
ساب موبايل