When you choose our innovative blended learning program, you'll not only receive online lecture material, but you'll also participate in interactive scenarios that allow you to improve your clinical decision-making skills Some of these factors can be controlled modifiable risk factors , while others cannot non-modifiable risk factors
Of course, as professionals, we know how important it is to not only get the training you need, but to do so as efficiently as possible, which is why our BLS blended learning courses also include adaptive learning functionality, which allows you to receive personalized, focused courses Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body

While it is important to learn what to do when cardiovascular disease leads to a heart attack or stroke, it is equally as important, if not more so, to understand how to prevent cardiovascular disease from occurring in the first place.

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Rescuers should provide 1 breath every 6 seconds when an advanced airway is in place and compressions are ongoing continuously rather than trying to remember a range of ventilations for adults, children and infants
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Your lungs are spongy, air-filled sacs, with one lung located on either side of the chest
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If you come across a victim who is down and another person is available to help, send that person to activate the Emergency Response System and find an AED while you assess whether the victim needs CPR
Each compression should be AT LEAST two inches deep but no more than 2 3 Breathing Decreasing the delay in beginning compressions increases survival rates
This is the most important step- turning on the machine will enable the AED unit to guide you through the next steps The purpose of CPR is to help the blood flow through the heart and into the rest of the vital organs; if you allow the chest to re-expand, more blood will flow into the heart and will be available to deliver to the rest of the body

Note: some cables will come preconnected.

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Activate EMS — Call for help! Use the correct sized face mask or bag-mask device for the infant the mask should cover the mouth and nose without extending past the chin or covering the eyes
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In younger children with shorter and chubbier necks, you can palpate the femoral artery in the groin area, midway between the pubic bone and the hip bone and just below the crease where the leg meets the abdomen
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Stay Safe: If you come upon an individual who may need CPR, look around and make sure you and the victim are in a safe place
CPR and analysis with the AED should continue until EMS arrives There are four universal steps to using any AED
Early CPR, with an emphasis on high-quality chest compressions• BEGIN CPR, STARTING WITH COMPRESSIONS Place 2 fingers in the center of his chest just below the nipple line; do not press on the end of the breastbone

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Rescuer 2 activates the emergency response system and leaves to retrieve an AED
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Stand behind the victim 2
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GENERAL CONCEPTS Main Components of CPR C — A — B - Compressions - Airway - Breathing High-Quality CPR: - Start compressions within 10 seconds of recognition of cardiac arrest - Chest compression rate of 100 — 120 per minute - Compression depth of 2 — 2