Executing the binding contracts on housing, catering, transportation To ensure the organization of the process, the Ministry allocated an application to perform Umrah, prayers, and visit the Rawda of the Prophet, so that it would be easy to count visitors per day and manage them: the - application
Mecca cleanliness Mecca cleanliness app contributes in cleaning the the most sacred spot on earth by enabling citizens to send any violations The Kingdom's efforts to success Hajj and Umrah in light of the covid-19 pandemic The government of Saudi Arabia gives pilgrims and visitors the greatest attention, and always strives to enable the pilgrims to perform their rituals to the fullest, and this includes providing them with safety and security

Afterwards, the MHU supervises and follows up the services provided to the pilgrims, in accordance with the contracts made since the arrival of the pilgrims to the entry points in the Kingdom until their departure.

وزارة الحج والعمرة تدعو الخريجين والخريجات للتقدم على شغل (49) وظيفة إدارية
Its maps contain information for addresses, Hajj camps, streets, districts, public services and Mashair boundaries
وزارة الحج والعمرة ترصد مخالفات فيما يتعلق بالوجبات المقدمة للحجاج
Therefore, the kingdom has assigned a ministry competent authority for everything related to the affairs of pilgrims, Hajj and Umrah, and to coordinate between all the different government sectors in that matter
وظائف وزارة الحج والعمرة في السعودية 1442 ، وظائف وزارة الحج السعودية 2020
Facilitate the process of buying sheep;• follow-up of incidents and proceedings
As a result of the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, and in implementation of the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Kingdom suspended the performance of Umrah in order to preserve the health of visitors of the Grand Mosque Al Maqsad It helps visitors of Makkah to find their exact location inside the corridors of the Grand Mosque Almasjid Alharam and find out any place they want to go
The country selected pilgrims to be from the age group between 20 and 50 years who do not suffer from chronic diseases After completing the contracts, the pilgrims' data are entered and sent to the authorities concerned in order to issue hajj permits

Hajj and Umrah Regulations Hajj Regulations The ministry of Hajj and Umrah relies on smart systems to facilitate Hajj rituals.

السعودية.. وزارة الحج والعمرة ترصد مخالفات بشأن الوجبات المقدمة للحجاج
, before the beginning of the Umrah season
وزارة الحج والعمرة تعلن رسمياً جرعة واحدة فقط للحاج «المحصّن المتعافي» من فيروس كورونا
Second: It starts to be implemented when the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has made sure that the licensees are fully prepared and their systems have been activated, according to the first part mentioned above
وزارة الحج والعمرة 1442 نتائج فرز الحج لحجاج الداخل
Al Haramain The Two Holy Mosques Smart Application It is one of the Two Holy Mosques' applications which aim to fulfill the vision and goals of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque depends on the vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 in order to subject the modern technology to serve the visitors, pilgrims, and mo'tamren those who perform Omrah
Choose from more than 13K available products including fresh meats, chickens, fruits and more, set a delivery time and wait your doorbell to ring To pay the fees of the program electronically
The MHU, through the e-portal, enables the process of transferring the requests for hajj permits, after contracting to the systems of the Ministry of Interior MOI in order to issue hajj permits Simply capture your location, Select the items needed to be cleaned

They have to be fully prepared by making sure that their administrative personnel and social insurance certificates are in order as well as preparing their three locations, in Makkah, Al-Madinah and Jeddah, and providing all required facilities and arrangements• Watani Watani is a mobile application that enables citizens, residents and visitors to evaluate public services, rate their satisfaction level, and contribute to the ongoing efforts focused on improving public services.

نتائج وزارة الحج والعمرة 1442
Through the application, service can be requested to be provided at customer's home
السعودية.. وزارة الحج والعمرة ترصد مخالفات بشأن الوجبات المقدمة للحجاج
Al-Haram guide is a photo-map for Al-Haram with all its facilities and services
وزارة الحج والعمرة تعلن عن توفر وظائف إدارية على سلم رواتب الموظفين العام للجنسين
Tarwiah Tarwiah app is to serve pilgrims and provides information in seven languages about the water services in the holy places Makkah and Madina