and ofc the arabic is very good too, written so well Mixed impression The writer was very audacious and spoke about many taboos or aspects considered too religious for any writer to talk about, namely the non Sunni Muslim sects
Setting off a series of catastrophic about turns, the Sheik is forced to confront and atone not only the haunting ghosts of his past but also question the very foundation of his belief

The author is an Egyptian journalist and tv personality and has had his own run-ins with state security.

ابراهيم عيسى
With that, I thank you
كل الشهور يوليو
In conclusion, this book was by no means a comfortable read, while a page turner, it elicited strong emotions that were not always positive in me while I read it
ابراهيم عيسى
It's well paced and engaging, even funny at times
Egyptian cultural and religious dualism it may be unfair to compare, but this work is the closets of the contemporary to Naguib Mahfouz's and to international fiction standards
Nonetheless, Essa's novel serves as a more serious examination of the collective power of religion in the modern world and the critical importance of always questioning what we decide to place our faith in An interesting book I would say


ابراهيم عيسى
if it wasn't for the choice of complicated arabic words as if the author is showing off his linguistic skills , i would have rated it five stars
ما لا تعرفه عن إبراهيم عيسى .. من هو؟ سيرته الذاتية، إنجازاته وأقواله، معلومات عن إبراهيم عيسى
it's packed with information which i'm not sure true or not but I would like to applaud the writer for the ability to expand the story to the end while making it make sense at last which i wish i can write more of this review but i am to lazy, pardon me
إبراهيم عيسى Quotes (Author of مولانا)
The first time I read this was just after I bought it and i put it back to the shelf because the first hundred is to me quite a lot