8 million-grossing romantic comedy-drama film In April 2021, Robbie was announced as the recipient of the inaugural RAD Impact Award, for inspiring purpose with her philanthropy
The film premiered at the to critical acclaim, later receiving a nomination for the Robbie served as a producer on 2020 , a comedy thriller by writer-director

Kroll, Justin 8 January 2019.

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In preparation for the film, Robbie dyed her hair brown and learned to speak in an accent
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Kermode, Mark 25 February 2018
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And I love action films, and I think there's a misconception perhaps subconsciously for people: action films are for dudes, girls don't really like them
Robbie based her character's accent on 8 million, and Robbie's performance was considered its prime asset
The film received positive reviews, and Robbie's performance was widely praised, with Drew McWeeny of asserting that "Robbie's work here establishes her as one of the very best actresses in her age range today In October 2016, Robbie hosted the premiere of 's late-night sketch comedy ; her appearances included a parody of

Philanthropy Robbie has been a vocal supporter of , , and rights.

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She was enrolled in a by her mother, where she excelled in , in which she received a certificate at age eight
مارغو روبي تكشف هذا السر عن زوجها للمرة الأولى
The film failed to receive positive reactions from critics and audiences
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Since 2016, she has been chosen as the ambassador for brands such as , and