The founding team members came from prominent mobile Internet companies and supply chain enterprises, who are experienced in mobile e-commerce products, operations, traffic, and have in-depth understanding of fast fashion supply chains in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou New customers only, must redeem the app
The app is very easy to use, no complications, the discount codes actually work unlike other apps , i get reminded of my order's shipment and the delivery system had no issues - Detailed product pages, low inventory alert

AjMall covers a wide range of categories such as fast fashion clothes, menswear, accessories, skin care cosmetics, electronics, etc.

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Personally, i have only order 3 times from AjMall shopping app; once cash on delivery and twice by card; all 3 times went perfectly fine
Since 2019, AjMall gets into the top5 ranking off shopping category apps in the middle east We are committed to providing overseas customers with a better shopping experience and striving to build a world-renownedChinese overseas brand
- Browse and shop by category, recommendation Top-level e-commerce team and localization operations

Senior buyer team domestic and overseas.

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High-quality supply chains all over the world
Ajmall official website
I appreciate the service and will definitely be ordering through here again
AjMall is also dedicated to provides the best customer service, fast shipping and long duration return serivces BLUEBUCK NETWORKS LIMITED was founded by a Yale graduate
The company has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Riyadh, Dubai and Istanbul Enjoy a free gift for your very first time


Ajmall official website
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