It was later discovered in Warhol's diary entry for that day that he wrote: "I don't know what held me back from pushing her over the balcony Alexander, Paul April 17, 2020
Monica: I was born at Mills Holy terror: Andy Warhol close up

In 1987, in accordance with Warhol's will, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts began.

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The subsequent volumes are still in the process of being compiled
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Warhol had this to say about the attack: Before I was shot, I always thought that I was more half-there than all-there—I always suspected that I was watching TV instead of living life
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In 1979, Warhol was commissioned by BMW to paint a Group-4 race version of the then "elite supercar" for the fourth installment in the
Lou Reed wrote the song "Andy's Chest", about , the woman who shot Warhol, in 1968 Malanga assisted the artist with the production of silkscreens, films, sculpture, and other works at "", Warhol's -and-silver-paint-lined studio on 47th Street later moved to Broadway
One of his most famous films, , monitors poet sleeping for six hours According to , Warhol devoted much of his time to rounding up new, rich patrons for portrait commissions—including Shah of Iran , his wife Empress , his sister , , , , , and

Last personal studio: 158 Madison Avenue Music In the mid-1960s, Warhol adopted the band , making them a crucial element of the multimedia performance art show.

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, Warhol: A Life as Art London: Allen Lane
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Warhol's first pop art paintings were displayed in April 1961, serving as the backdrop for New York Department Store Bonwit Teller's window display
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Said cassettes contained conversations with also known as Brigid Polk and former Interview magazine editor