In addition to her work in the arts, Hanan also serves as a worldwide ambassador for the international charity Her husband owns a men's fashion boutique in Cairo
She started her career as a and completed her studies at the Cairo Ballet Institute in 1993 In 2 In 2007, she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress at the of Kas w lask film


خالد خطاب زوج حنان ترك السيرة الذاتية
In 1997 she acted alongside the singer in Ismailia Rayeh Gai
حنان ترك بصورة مع زوجها بعد غياب
Then in 1999, she had leading roles in Al Akhar and Fata Men Israel
3 صدمات تسببت في اعتزال حنان ترك.. وهذا مصير عودتها
Hanan Tork has stated that one of the main factors that led to her divorce was her husband's displeasure at her choosing to wear religious headscarf and was not happy with her "change in behavior", after she became religious
Since then, she only participates in Egyptian movies and series via her voice Despite wearing religious headscarf , she has continued acting
Biography [ ] She began her acting career when the famous director, saw her, and offered her the chance to act alongside in the 1991 movie "Raghbah Motawaheshah" Retirement [ ] Hanan Tork quit acting during the Ramadan season 2012

In August 2012 she decided to stop acting and focus on her family, albeit with different roles.

Hanan Tork
She was married previously to businessman Khaled Khatab, they divorced in 2007
موقع مبتدا
It was reported that despite her retirement, due to her past background of being an entertainer, Malek's family were against their marriage
موقع مبتدا
She then saw more success in the following year, with a role alongside the famous actress Samira Ahmed in "Amira Men Abdeen"