Its construction was begun in 1808 by Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Muhsin Al Ali Barzan Palace consisted of three floors and covered an area of more than 300,000 square meters
The first floor featured the reception halls, gardens, and kitchens

The second floor housed diplomatic guests, and the third floor was occupied by the royal family.

قصيدة قصر برزان, قصيدة الدعيع في قصر برزان
ordered the palace destroyed after he had ousted the last Al Rashid emir from power in 1921
قصر برزان بمدينة حائل
The palace was completed during the rule of the second ,
قصر برزان


جولة سياحية داخل سوق برزان التراثي بحائل
بنينا لنـا قصـر بـرزان ****عريض الدرج زين المباني
مرحوم ياقصر السناعيس برزان*غدى محطه للسوافي ترابه


قصر برزان في حائل
برزان.. اسم حاضر في تاريخ حائل
برج برزان