Congratulations — Wishing you much joy and happiness as you welcome your newborn little Bundle of Joy into your family
Sending tons of love to the little prince and congratulations to the new parents Babies are special, babies are fun, congratulations on your new little one! Lots of love and best wishes for your future with your new baby

Best wishes to you and your new little one.

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Congratulations with the arrival of your new happy and healthy newborn!! May your baby grow healthy and active, may she be talented and clever, may he make his mum and dad proud and happy! May your child have a lifetime of health, love, and happiness
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Please let me know if I can help
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May your newest arrival also bring with it much joy and happiness
Take care of the precious gift given to you by God All the best and with lots of love
May You Be Blessed With Lots Of Loving Memories During This Special Time As New Parents A small baby is able to make such a noise and gets into troubles constantly, but he also brings a huge joy and pleasure to its parents

Be sure to enjoy every minute of it! Congrats on your new arrival.

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May your little bundle of joy bring you more happiness in a big way! Good luck to you, and your baby father
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