In brief, I think that…… I did my best to you enjoy reading
isn't the responsibility of the government only, citizens should also participate in this fight Talking about that was not easy


- At the end, I hope I have completed what you want to know about this topic
جديد أجمل نماذج مقدمة وخاتمة إنشاء قصيرة أمثلة مقدمه قصيره مميزة
نماذج خاتمة برجراف قصيرة وسهلة لجميع الطلاب
Really, if we don't unite together, our country, or even the whole world, we not be able to live in peace in the near future
To sum up, I think that this topic has to be taken in consideration by both our government and the people As we are in the 21st century, we are looking forward to development and advance in all fields
We should work hard and cooperate in order to improve our homeland

In conclusion, the fight against…….

خاتمة قصيرة جدا للتعبير
Finally, I hope that I have covered all the main ideas of the paragraph
( خاتمة قصة ) ... :: قصة قصيرة ::
After that, we will be able to catch up with the first world
خاتمة بحث جاهزة
- So we should try hard to put an end to…