Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia : Pada malam itu turun malaikatmalaikat dan malaikat Jibril dengan izin Tuhannya untuk mengatur segala urusan• '' Qatadah and others have said, "The matters are determined during it, and the times of death and provisions are measured out i
Melayu - Basmeih : Pada Malam itu turun malaikat dan Jibril dengan izin Tuhan mereka kerana membawa segala perkara yang ditakdirkan berlakunya pada tahun yang berikut;• The following image below is a display of images that come from various sources If the copyright owner or you don't like to seeing a summary of the images displayed on this blog you can report as spam to Google so that the following posts are not displayed by Google or another search engine

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بين فائدة إلاطناب في ألانواع آلاتية: تنزل الملائكة والروح فيها
Somali - Abduh : Waxaana soo daga Malaa'igta kale iyo Malaku Jibriil habecnkaas idanka Eebe dartiis iyo amarkiisa• The angels descend with the descending of blessings and mercy, just as they descend when the Qur'an is recited, they surround the circles of Dhikr remembrance of Allah and they lower their wings with true respect for the student of knowledge
تنزل الملائكة والروح فيها
Italiano - Piccardo : In essa discendono gli angeli e lo Spirito con il permesso del loro Signore per [fissare] ogni decreto• The copyright of the image is owned by the owner, this website only displays a few snippets of several keywords that are put together in a post summary
تفسير قوله الله تعالى تنزل الملائكة والروح فيها
In reference to Ar-Ruh, it is said that here it means the angel Jibril
Swahili - Al-Barwani : Huteremka Malaika na Roho katika usiku huo kwa idhini ya Mola wao Mlezi kwa kila jambo• 中国语文 - Ma Jian : 众天神和精神 奉他们的主的命令 为一切事务而在那夜间降临• meaning, the angels descend in abundance during the Night of Al-Qadr due to its abundant blessings Huruf Min di sini bermakna Sababiyah atau sama artinya dengan huruf Ba; yakni mereka turun dengan seizin Rabbnya dengan membawa segala urusan yang telah menjadi ketetapan-Nya untuk tahun itu hingga tahun berikutnya
English - Sahih International : The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter• Therefore, the wording of the Ayah is a method of adding the name of the distinct object in this case Jibril separate from the general group in this case the angels


((وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا لَيْلَةُ الْقَدْرِ))
الملائكة والروح ما علامات ليلة القدر؟
تنزل الملائكة والروح عليهم في ليلة القدر


تنزل الملائكة والروح عليهم في ليلة القدر
ليلة القدر.. وقتها وعلاماتها والأعمال المستحبة فيها
علامات ليلة القدر