" His lawyer further stated that the death sentence itself was politically motivated and that timing of the death sentence may have been aimed at diverting international attention away from documents by , which detailed crimes in which Maliki government officials have been implicated This changed when, on 29 April 2008, Aziz went on trial over the deaths of a group of 42 merchants who were executed by the Iraqi regime in 1992, after the merchants had been charged by the Iraqi regime with manipulating when Iraq was under international sanctions
It was part of the of the The reports that "the judge gave no details of Aziz's specific role" in the crackdown

World News 5 June 2015.

كيف وصفت الصحف الكويتية وفاة طارق عزيز؟
On 27 October 2010, Greek President and the Russian Foreign Ministry both released statements urging the Iraqi government not to carry out the death penalty against Aziz
طارق عزيز
Bush said the deputy prime minister, the most visible face of the former Iraqi government other than Saddam, "still doesn't know how to tell the truth
وفاة طارق عزيز.. وزير خارجية
forces who have him in custody
Dagher, Sam 27 October 2010 He could make 30 minutes of telephone calls monthly and had access to US Arabic-language radio and television stations
Tariq Aziz's wife and another son live in "I'm a victim of a criminal act conducted by this party, which is in power right now

Aziz remained in custody the rest of his life and died of a in the city of on 5 June 2015, aged 79.

كيف وصف طارق عزيز غزو الكويت أمام صدام حسين؟
In 1979, Aziz became Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, and worked as a diplomat to explain Iraq's policies to the world
طارق عزیز
[ ] On 28 October 2010, it was reported that Aziz, as well as 25 fellow prison inmates, had begun a to protest the fact that they could not receive their once-monthly visit from friends and relatives, which was normally set for the last Friday of each month
طارق عزیز
" On 9 January 1991, Aziz was involved in the which included the United States Secretary of State,