There, angle P is one arcsecond It is defined as a distance that a person can walk in one hour
It is commonly used in biology to measure microorganisms, as well as for measuring infrared radiation wavelengths This allowed for simplified calculations of latitude because every 60 nautical miles were one degree of latitude

A yard is used in the imperial system and it equals three feet or 0.

تحويل طول, قدم إلى متر
Other Units A league is an obsolete unit in most countries
حاسبة وحدات قياس الطول
One parsec represents the distance from the Sun to an astronomical object, such as a planet, a star, a moon, or an asteroid, which has a parallax angle equal to an arcsecond
تحويل الطول من سم الى قدم
Circular distance is a distance travelled by a circular object, such as a wheel
The clearance below the bridge is 220 ft or 67 00 AU from the Sun
A cubit is a length from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow Please see the diagram below for better visualization

Distance, on the other hand, refers to the measure of how far the objects are from each other.

تحويل الطول من سم الى قدم
It is still in use in some areas, such as Yucatan and rural Mexico
التحويل من متر إلى قدم
The distance of lines E1S and E2S each equal 1 AU
التحويل من متر إلى قدم
The distance from the sun to this point — that is, the line SI, is equal to 1 pc, if the angle formed by the lines A1I and A2I is two arcseconds