The application will be processed internally in the bank and the loan amount will be transferred to the citizens bank account In case of conformity, the information of the citizen will be brought from the concerned governmental authorities
It varies according to the applicant's status Access the banks website, and go to the application page

An e-service provided by the Social Development Bank, which enables low-income families to obtain a family loan to help them bear the costs and burdens of life.

شروط القرض الأسري من بنك التنمية الاجتماعية والفئات المستفيدة
The citizen completes the required data to request a loan
بنك التسليف السعودي شروط قرض الأسرة الجديدة 2020 وإجراءات الحصول على التمويل الأسري
The system will determine an appointment for the citizen to send the required documents via mail
شروط الحصول على قرض الأسرة من بنك التسليف 1442
The applicants identity and date of birth are verified by the citizens data in the National Information Center
Premiums are collected through SADAD or by direct deduction from the employees salary through his agency


قرض الأسره بنك التسليف الشروط والمستندات المطلوبه
شروط واوراق التقديم على قرض الأسرة
تمويل الأسرة