Tri Ratna were helping the chair to handle the observation equipment
it was decided unanimously by the president along with the ACJU Hilal Committee members and the represantatives of MRCA and Memon Hanafi Masjid and senior officer of Meteorology Department to complete the month of Shabaan as 30 days and to commence the month Ramdaan Mubarak from 14th of Wednesday 2021 CE Ajward Al Fasy reported his own sighting at 5:43am and below are the 2 images which he captured Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The crescent could not be seen.

رؤية هلال رمضان في السعودية 1442 متى أول أيام شهر رمضان 2021
MAN 1 Surakarta, the moon was not sighted because the same reason
نتيجة رؤية هلال رمضان 1442 في السعودية .. نتيجة استطلاع هلال رمضان 2021 في مصر
according to this report, on ithbat council by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia declare that 1 Ramadhan 1442 AH will start on Tuesday, April 13rd, 2021
وضعیت رویت هلال ماه رمضان المبارک سال 1442 هجری قمری
The crescent was not seen due to the cloudy sky and low altitude of hilal
I could easily image the old crescent which was around 9 The western horizon was partly cloudy
I could not see the crescent visually with the same telescoe The internal team member of Assalaam observatory started the observation at 17

I could neither see the moon nor Venus.

الخميس أول أيام عيد الفطر بالسعودية
Sadly the forecast for the next two days in contiuous clouds and rain
رؤية هلال رمضان في السعودية 1442 متى أول أيام شهر رمضان 2021
Rila Makhdoomy reported as Moulavi Shuhail from Weligama sighted at 5:45am
مركز الفلك الدولي
The sky was mostly clear with some haze