Michael Herb Georgia State University FAQ The 1999 election in the 21st was challenged on the grounds that three members of the military voted
Member of the "Kuwait Unites Us" list in the fifth in 2008, a coalition of three tribes al-Jarida 4 May 2008 Won the Utaybi tribal primary in 2006 al-Qabas 4 June 2006, page 1

53 Initial results of the 2008 elections had Sadoun al-Otaibi in 12th place with 9691 votes.

سعدون حماد عبيد مزعل بداح العتيبي
Close to the government al-Hayat 18 May 2009 Ran as part of a tribal alliance in 2009 al-Qabas 21 April 2009, p
سعدون حماد عبيد مزعل بداح العتيبي
56 Won the Utayba tribal primary in 2009 al-Watan 16 April 2009, p
عضو مجلس الامه الكويتي النايب سعدون حماد العتيبي في ضيافة سوق العسل والورد بشفا الطائف
Al-Qabas 18 September 2008, p
Al-Qabas 27 November 2012 and 30 November 2012 On 17 September 2008 the Constitutional Court corrected the results, after an appeal, ruling that he won 10914 votes and eight place


سعدون حماد عبيد مزعل بداح العتيبي
من هو سعدون حماد العتيبي ويكيبيديا
سعدون حمادي