The core chip is attached with thermal phase change material to ensure the core unit Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports Dual gigabit network ports, which can flexibly connect various limited devices, and provide stable, high-speed, low-latency 5G network services for industry applications
All subsequent customs and transportation fees are the responsibility of the buyer Smart ANT smart antenna algorithm allows CPE to independently select a better signal

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ZTE 5G CPE MC801A Price
Built-in customized special design powerful high thermal conductivity radiator
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9 dBi directional antenna, covering a longer distance, and even in remote areas far away from the base station can obtain the ideal network speed
أول مركز ذكي في العالم يتألف من 5G للمنزل والأعمال التجارية وما بينهما
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The omnidirectional antenna ensures that the CPE can be connected at high speed at different angles Contact us now via or sales router-switch
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8GHz, CAT22 5G: NSA 4.

ZTE 5G CPE MC801A Price
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ZTE 5G CPE MC801A Price
MAX Wi-Fi 6 technology Wi-Fi 6 technology improves the throughput of each user in a dense user environment, and can support up to 32 Wi-Fi users, enabling 4G mobile phones, Pads and other Wi-Fi terminals to enjoy 5G high-speed services in advance