Al-Yemni group started its business in the early seventies by Sheik Said A Teamwork These values are still the basis of every entity of the group
Then the business evolved to be more diverse and cover different business fields

The beginning started with Al-Yemni Car Exhibition, selling new and used car.

اليمني للسيارات تحصل على جائزة أفضل وكيل لسيارات أيسوزو
His passion for cars made him start with the automotive field of business
سوبارو • عروض السيارات
Also name building for each entity or brand is a significant way the group takes to penetrate the market
Al Yemni Motors Co.
Over the years, YEMCO has emerged to be among the top players in the Automobile sector with market leadership in certain pivotal segments of the vehicle market
In doing business, the group believes in long-term relationships that all partner benefit from In order to offer our distinguished services to customers, YEMCO provides back-up support and after-sales services to the customers in terms of readily available genuine spare parts, repair, maintenance and developed a network of branches all over the Kingdom
True to its commitment to offer the best possible quality of product and services, YEMCO continues to build loyalty between customers and staff The core values and commitment that the business started with were:• YEMCO is now one of the most progressive and dynamic companies in K

Wide selection of products offered• Since 2002, till 2009 YEMCO has been consistently awarded the No.

عروض تقسيط بيجو 2019 من وكالة اليمني للسيارات
1 Dealer of Complete Built-Up ISUZU Vehicles all-over the World
اليمني للسيارات تحصل على جائزة أفضل وكيل لسيارات أيسوزو
The portfolio of customers includes the major companies in the Kingdom
اليمني للسيارات تحصل على جائزة أفضل وكيل لسيارات أيسوزو