The dictionaries used to compile the list are these: , , , , , , , , by Raja Tazi year 1998 , a "; but the OED suggests another Arabic derivation, from Sicilian marfusu 'scoundrel' , from Spanish marfuz 'traitor' from Arabic marfud 'outcast'
The seaport of Genoa is the location of the earliest-known record in European languages, year 1157 At the port of Marseille in the 1st half of the 13th century notarized commercial contracts have dozens of instances of Latin avariis ablative plural of avaria , as published in

Priesner and Figala, entry on "Alkohol"• Edited by J Milton Cowan.

كلمات عربية , كلمات عربيه فصحي نادره
Medical term: overly frequent or abnormal use as in stammering of the sound of the letter n
كلمات عربية مشهورة جارَ عليها الزمن وأنصفها هؤلاء
Many more records in medieval Latin at Genoa are at , usually in the plurals avariis and avarias
قائمة كلمات عربية دخيلة في الإنجليزية
A set of medieval Latin records of avaria at Genoa is in the downloadable lexicon , by Sergio Aprosio, year 2001, avaria in Volume 1 pages 115-116
A minority of commentators have been dubious about this on the grounds that the early records of Italian-Latin avaria have, in some cases, a meaning of "an expense" in a more general sense — Arabic Contributions to the English Language
See also the definition of English "average" in English dictionaries published in the early 18th century, i According to, 'Klein suggests ultimate derivation of the It

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كلمات عربية اصلها فرنسي , تعرف على الكلمات الفرنسيه التي يستخدمها العرب
New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux
أجمل الكلمات في اللغة العربية
Trafalgar orange From Arabic word naranj, from Sanskrit via Persian
مفردات عربية ومعانيها
The majority view is that the meaning of "an expense" was an expansion from "damage and damage expense", and the chronological order of the meanings in the records supports this view, and the broad meaning "an expense" was never the most commonly used meaning