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The first segment of the system consists of 24 satellites, orbiting 20,000 km above the Earth in 12-hour circular orbits
خرائط GPS ملاحة الاتجاهات
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Three distinct parts make up the Global Positioning System
Jury, H L, 1973, Application of Kalman Filter to Real-Time Navigation using Synchronous Satellites, Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science, Tokyo, 945—952 By comparing the received sequence with the original sequence, scientists can determine how long it takes for the signal to reach the Earth from the satellite
The signal delay is useful in learning about the Ionosphere and the Troposphere, two atmospheric layers that surround Earth's surface In order to make sure that they can be detected from anywhere on the Earth's surface, the satellites are divided into six groups of four

, GPS History, Chronology, and Budgets• 1996 33 3 23833 1996-019A IIA NAVSTAR 38 USA 126 E3 16.

GPS: The Global Positioning System
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خرائط GPS ملاحة الاتجاهات
2000 51 20 26360 2000-025A IIR NAVSTAR 48 USA 151 B3 16
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Wenk is a sophisticated and a wonderful system designed to track vehicles or professional people live moment by moment, or select the previous tracks, places and periods of downtime on a map as well as many other advantages
2003 47 22 28129 2003-058A IIR NAVSTAR 54 USA 177 C3 20 Commercially, GPS is used as a navigation and positioning tool in airplanes, boats, cars, and for almost all outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking
It both monitors and controls the global GPS stations, and it uses automated computer systems to retrieve and analyze data from the receivers at those stations

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Developed by the Department of Defense in 1973, GPS was originally designed to assist soldiers and military vehicles, planes, and ships in accurately determining their locations world-wide
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1991 24 24 21552 1991-047A IIA NAVSTAR 24 USA 79 A5 23
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2001 54 18 26690 2001-004A IIR NAVSTAR 51 USA 166 B1 29