"Possible long-term decline in impact rates: 2 Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
Tony Phillips 16 March 2011 De Atley 18 March 2011

Coulter, Dauna 18 March 2010.

"Origin of the Moon in a giant impact near the end of the Earth's formation"
معلومات عن القمر وسطح القمر
For etymology, see Barnhart, Robert K
حركة القمر حول الارض
1987 : "Ishango revisited: new age determinations and cultural interpretations", The African Archaeological Review, 5 : 65-78
"Volatile content of lunar volcanic glasses and the presence of water in the Moon's interior" Lakdawalla, Emily 13 November 2009
"Thermal and magmatic evolution of the Moon" "The constitution and structure of the lunar interior"

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand.

كم مرة يدور القمر حول الأرض كل عام ؟
The Clementine Atlas of the Moon
يدور القمر حول الارض مره كل
Planetary Science and Research Discoveries
ماذا ينتج عن دوران القمر حول الأرض
: Scientific and Technical Information Office, National Aeronautics and Space Administration