Las piedras solares de estrellas son conocidas pero raras 50 144 149 154 159
They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas I received my order a little later than expected but given that it's coming from overseas I wasn't too worried

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صبغة شعر ازرق غامق
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I have to say that I have no gem knowledge- I am a novice and I ordered the Sphene for healing purposes, so I am hoping they are real
أزرق غامق
Half-Drilled Heart Checkerboard double sided• The 2 gems I received are beautiful
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No results found for this meaning I have no way of confirming if that is true

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Beach Shorts Turtles Pattern Dark Blue - Multicolor
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Las piedras preciosas Star Sunstone son ideales para anillos, colgantes y collares