Knight, Kathryn May 12, 2011 In a 2012 interview with , Brown Findlay stated, "Growing up, I was completely in love and infatuated with ballet
In September 2016, it was announced she would play in a new production of Hamlet at the Almeida Theatre in London The production later transferred to the Trafalgar Theatre in London's

Brown Findlay starred as Bella Brown in , a 2016 British directed and written by Simon Aboud as a repressed foundling who forms a new life through her relationships with a curmudgeonly neighbour , a gifted cook and an eccentric inventor.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: "Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits
ما لا تعرفه عن جيسيكا براون فيندلي..من هي؟ سيرتها الذاتية، إنجازاتها وأقوالها، معلومات عن جيسيكا براون فيندلي.
It is a very familiar place and incredibly dear to my heart
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Elber, Lynn 28 April 2017
The film, renamed , premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2017, with actor in the lead role
In 2017, Brown Findlay portrayed Charlotte Wells, a brothel owner's daughter and famed courtesan, in , a television series created by and She played in the television period drama series and Emilia Conan Doyle in the 2011 British feature film

The series was subsequently moved to network.

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As of 2020, she is in the main cast of the series
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" Brown Findlay was the first major cast member to leave the series, when her character, the forward-thinking Lady Sybil, died from after giving birth in the third series
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Brown Findlay attended for two years: in her second year, she had three operations on her ankles, the last of which went wrong
In May 2019, it was announced that Brown Findlay would star in the role of Lenina Crowne in the series , based on the by Also in 2017, she voiced the character of Fay in the animated film,
; Meir, Jessica Ulrika; Hawkes, Lucy A Genzlinger, Neil 9 March 2017

The series premiered on 27 March 2017 on in the UK and on 29 March 2017 on in the US.

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During a 2015 interview, creator, Julian Fellowes, discussed the plot twist, "Jessica Brown Findlay, who played Sybil, had said she was going to leave right from the beginning
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Billington, Michael 7 June 2015
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At the end of her , she was accepted to a number of ballet schools, but chose to go to the because of the courses it provided and its