What's New Granite Park Chalet Information: Granite Park Chalet was built in 1914 and 1915 by the Great Northern Railway to provide comfortable back country accommodations inside Glacier National Park
Twelve burner, double oven stove capacity In Glacier National Park's high back country wilderness, we highly recommend non-odorous foods to reduce wildlife attracting aromas


°شاليه وايت بارك WHITE PARK BURAIDAH (Saudi Arabia)
Optional services to make your stay more comfortable When you pre-order, your food selections will be at the chalet waiting for you to prepare them in our kitchen
شالية بحديقة خاصة فى منتجع هايد بارك الساحل
A seasonal outdoor swimming pool is featured at this property
شالية بحديقة خاصة فى منتجع هايد بارك الساحل
We do not assume responsibility for YOUR consumption of stream fed water! Today this rustic lodge is listed as a National Historic Landmark and it continues to provide comfortable lodging to adventurers and visitors in the Glacier National Park wilderness
You may optionally purchase bottled water at the chalet E-mail us or call the office to place your order
Warm clothes for the cool evenings To carry leftover food waste with you when you depart the chalet

Each guest must provide their own water as there is no water available at the chalet.

تقريرنا التفصيلي منتجع سما بارك المزاحميه
What to Expect We have a rustic kitchen for you to prepare your meals! You may either carry your water in, haul water or purchase water at the chalet
Granite Park Chalet
Comfortable, appropriate footwear and good socks for mountain hiking, are recommended
شاليهات فيفيان بارك الخرج, يقع فيفيان بارك في مدينة الخرج في حي العفجة
Consumption of stream fed water is at your own risk