, the ABBA musical, on stage Note: I thought about ending this post with some real zinger of an ABBA pun, but decided to cut my losses
There is, of course, the discussion to be had about the suitability of musical talent You can thank me later

In an era where the Hollywood sheen can make a phony genre like the musical seem even phonier, a successful movie musical needs to go in one of two directions.

حقيقة مواقع مزيفة تنتحل هوية وتصميم مواقع سعودية لنشر اخبار كاذبة لأثارة الرأي العام
When the show attempts to advance its plot, it mostly fails
بعد صدور قرار هيئة كبار العلماء وزير الشؤون الاسلامية يوجه بعودة مكبرات الصوت في المساجد
I would have like to have seen this film not take itself seriously at all, but it felt alternately too weighty and too thin
Xperia XA أرشيف
On stage, the pure spectacle of the musical number is enough to engender a great deal of goodwill in the audience
The real thing is so much better than the substitute Across the Universe, a Beatles themed jukebox musical, went the other way, providing an unabashed fantasy with elaborate production numbers that could never prove functional in any other medium
There are good recent examples on both counts In a stage musical, actors are cast with their singing voices as the main showpiece, with their acting ability a secondary concern

There are probably a hundred reasons why Mamma Mia! In which one man attempts to view every summer blockbuster for the entire season, regardless of taste, genre, or Remington Steele trying to sing.

christine baranski
It needs to play to those strengths
christine baranski
I came to this same conclusion when I saw Mamma Mia! Either make a play at realism, or go impossibly big
Xperia XA أرشيف
Once, the Irish musical which one an Academy Award in 2007, went the earthly route, keeping its production minimalist, setting the action in a recognizable, real cityscape, and weaving its music seamlessly into the narrative