Canine distemper virus CDV also causes gastrointestinal illness, thickening of the nose and foot pads, and a neurologic phase that has symptoms similar to rabies and can be difficult to distinguish as a result Animals can shed up to 2 weeks after they recover
The treatment for canine distemper is supportive care as there is no cure The virus is transmitted by inhalation of aerosolized particles and direct contact

Clinical signs begin 10-14 days after infection and include discharge from the eyes and nose, dyspnea difficulty breathing , coughing, and pneumonia.

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Increased susceptibility to distemper in juveniles results in more wildlife cases in the spring and summer when babies are being born
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Canine distemper can be diagnosed with nasal or ocular swabs or from tissue samples such as foot pads, bladder or lung.

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The neurologic phase of the disease affects the central nervous system and can cause disorientation and weakness along with progressive seizures
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The virus is resistant to cold and the majority of cases in domestic dogs occur in the fall and winter Transmission occurs from contact with infected saliva, urine, feces or respiratory secretions
It can cause high mortality in large exotic cats tigers and lions Wild animals with late neurologic stage distemper have can exhibit fearlessness, aimless wandering, and aggressiveness

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, The disease is found in canids domestic dogs, coyotes, wolves, foxes as well as raccoons, javelinas, and some marine mammals
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