Initiatives and Programs for Supporting Enterprises Supporting Small to Medium Enterprises and Accelerators• : An online platform for the labor market in the Kingdom that brings together job seekers with employers Enabling of employee exchange through AJEER Program• Combating discrimination in the labor market
Remote Working in the Kingdom The digital transformation and the presence of a robust and advanced technical infrastructure in the Kingdom contributed to the appearance of remote working It is to help in limiting the spread of the new Coronavirus Covid-19

Empowering women in the civil service and strengthening their leadership role.

اعانة البحث عن عمل .. طريقة التسجيل في إعانة الباحثين عن العمل
DUROUB Platform: It is a national e-training platform that contains many free training programs, and it is available for a variety of topics that meet job requirements
هُنــا رابط التسجيل في اعانة الباحث عن عمل 1442 وخطوات التقديم على معونة الباحثين عن عمل حافز
Company Shall request for Link with the Program No Later than 90 Days from GOSI Registration• Unified Organization of the Working Environment for Women Programs to Support and Empower Women The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has launched several specific initiatives to empower women in the labor market, thus achieving the Kingdom's vision 2030 in supporting and empowering women in the labor market and leadership and administrative positions
اعانة البحث عن عمل .. طريقة التسجيل في إعانة الباحثين عن العمل
It allows the application, exchange of employment, and training services to be efficient and effective for the workforce's stability
: It is one of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology programs The strategy is based on a vision represented in "providing adequate job opportunities in terms of numbers and wages that lead to full employment of Saudi human resources and creating a competitive advantage for the national economy
According to an integrated methodological scientific basis and a clear vision, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has prepared a "Recruitment Strategy" to be a reference framework for addressing workforce and employment issues in the Kingdom Subsequently, It is easier to determine the level of establishments' commitment to pay wages on time on the agreed value

Professional Certificates Support Program: The initiative was launched to motivate the national workforce and support job seekers to obtain professional certificates aligned with the current market needs.

اعانة البحث عن عمل .. طريقة التسجيل في إعانة الباحثين عن العمل
Stopping fines for the importing of labor and continuing the service for Al-Safwa customers around the clock
التسجيل في اعانة البحث عن عمل 1442
It is for the general benefit of the entrepreneurs, owners of small to medium enterprises, independents, and productive families, such as:• " Article 3 of the Labor Law Issued by Royal Decree No
اعانة البحث عن عمل .. طريقة التسجيل في إعانة الباحثين عن العمل
Women in The Private Sector The Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Labor, was keen to open several areas for women's work, emphasizing employers to provide a safe and stable work environment by requiring them to apply several regulations to ensure the comfort, stability, and safety of working women
Also, it is specialized in consulting and training services Here, you will come to learn about the labor laws and regulations in the Kingdom, employment in public and private sectors, how the Kingdom is supporting the private sector during the COVID-19 pandemic and the method of newly introduced remote working
Employers and workers in all sectors must follow the guidelines as well as the instructions of the official authorities to avoid infections Encouraging business owners to expedite identifying locations and details of labor housing belonging to their establishments through a rental network

Various sectors have taken the initiative in response to these efforts.

اعانة البحث عن عمل .. طريقة التسجيل في إعانة الباحثين عن العمل
These controls aim to promote the creation of a safe work environment in private sector establishments characterized by respect for all, and the preservation of the individual's privacy, dignity and personal freedom guaranteed by the provisions of Islamic Sharia and regulations
Labor, Employment and Human Resource Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Calculating Saudi employment in NITAQAT immediately for all establishments
Job Commitment Bonus Program Enrollment
Achieving the desired goals will be within 25 years distributed in three stages: the short term, the medium term, and the long term