The point at which our physical theories run into most serious difficulties is that where matter reaches a temperature of approximately 10 32 degrees, also known as Planck's temperature
The extreme density of radiation emitted at this temperature creates a disproportionately intense field of gravity To go even farther back, a quantum theory of gravity would be necessary, but such a theory has yet to be written

The Hour of Our Delight.

حرارة مطلقة
حرارة مطلقة


احوال الطقس في الشفا على مدار السنة
درجة الحرارة وحالة الطقس في السعودية اليوم والرياض وبعض مدن المملكة
ما هي أعراض ارتفاع درجة حرارة الطفل ؟