Bookings are now open for education groups including schools and home educating families, to visit on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8 September 2021 to 11 February 2022—the museum will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays Since then, lasers have been playing a pivotal role in exploring light-matter interactions which are at the heart of modern optical physics
Scroll down to find out what you can see and do on your next visit Sandra Appiah, Song Wen , Hemda Garelick Department of Natural Science Valentina Basso John Watt, David Ball Department of Natural Science Vu Hoand Dang Stephen Kett, Anne Ropiquet, Polly Hayes Department of Natural Science Wai Kit Chan Investigating arsenic resistance in fungi from tin-mining soils and the possible interaction between arsenic and antimony Diane Purchase, Hemda Garelick, Dirk Wildeboer Department of Natural Science Rexford Osae-Twum Dysbiosis of gut micro-bacteria and gastro-intestinal disease Hemda Garelick, Azra Pachenari, Beata Burczynska Department of Natural Science Malgorzata Korko Cognitive control in spoken language production Paul De Mornay Davies, Mark Coulson, Alexander Jones Department of Psychology Manijeh Pir Jalian Psychological and Social Aspects of Children Born by Assisted Reproductive Technologies ARTS in Iran Bahman Baluch, Ilhan Rahman Department of Psychology Michael Leahy How do experiences of home and belonging impact on identity formation in [migrant women] living in London and who are from [different generations]? They are also used in many emerging advanced applications such as metrology, and nano and quantum sensing

Optical microcavities are of particular importance not only for developing miniature laser sources, but also as research tools for studying fundamental optical phenomena such as optical chaos and quantum optical effects.

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DoS Jacqueline M Gray, Second Supervisor JRA Ivan Punev Analysis of methylation status of CGB gene promoter region via Methylation-Sensitive High Resolution Melting MS-HRM in cancer cell lines
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An essential building block of most lasers is an optical cavity
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Nowadays, lasers are employed in many photonics applications
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George Dafoulas, Noha Saleeb Department of Computer Science Hesam Faday Hosseini Enhancing colour contrast to improve access to visual information by people with vision impairments Gill Whitney, Shahedur Rahman Department of Computer Science Jalal Al-Dossari An investigation into LTE security vulnerabilities: featuring authentication and IMSI disclosure Aboubaker Lasebae, Mahdi Aiash Department of Computer Science Joshua Nwokeji A Framework for Enterprise Agility Balbir Barn, Tony Clark external Department of Computer Science Junayed Islam Visual Analytics for Geo-Spatial Temporal Re-Construction of Situations in Criminal Intelligence Analysis William Wong, Kai Xu Department of Computer Science Kamran Ali Architectures and Designs of Monitoring and Management Systems in Disaster and Emergency Applications Huan Nguyen, Purav Shah, Quoc-Tuan Vien Department of Computer Science Kholod Alsufiani Sense-making and Structuring Information Simon Attfield Department of Computer Science Koushik Modak Load Balancing in LTE network Shahedur Rahman Department of Computer Science Kyla Cross Novel Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Martin Smith, Dimitar Stefanov Department of Computer Science Laurence Okonmah Analysing Non-Collocated Synchronous Shared Visual Workspace-Mediated Interaction Effects on Conversational Grounding — A Study on Collaborative Intelligence Analysis.

Light: Science & Applications
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This special issue covers a series of cutting-edge works on advanced physics and applications of optical microcavities and microlasers, ranging from the study of chaotic resonances, microcombs and soliton physics, lasers with tailored orbital angular momentum, coherent light-matter coupling and quantum condensation, optical nonreciprocity, to multiplexed biochemical sensing Looking to visit after these dates? Fabia Franco, Paul De Mornay Davies Department of Psychology Anthony Murphy A multi-method, phenomenological view of experiencing a borderline personality disorder diagnosis as a parent Nollaig Frost, Richard Barry Department of Psychology Aura Aimee Flora Goldman Linda Duffy, Rhonda Cohen Department of Psychology Barry Geoghegan The Discursive Creation of the Pathological Terrorist Antonia Bifulco, Anne Worthington, Tunc Aybak Department of Psychology Chineme Onyigbuo Exploring health-seeking behaviour among Nigerian Christians living in the UK: towards improved healthcare utilization Olga Van den Akker, Camille Alexis-Garsee Department of Psychology Christina Constantinou A Multi-Method Examination of Health-Related Quality of Life HRQL and Health Behaviours in Children and Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease SCD Nicola Payne, Olga Van Den Akker Department of Psychology Christopher Edward Middleton An investigation into the social, cognitive and affective factors contributing to meaning in life Mark Coulson, Fiona Starr, Emma Ward Department of Psychology Christos Tombras Suffering Being: Modes of symbolic Being in Heidegger and Lacan Werner Prall, Julia Borossa Department of Psychology Chrysi Leliopoulou Emotional Intelligence Training for Nurses as a Strategy for Stress Tolerance and well-being Tracey Cockerton, Michael Traynor, Ali Tasiran Department of Psychology Claire Powell Mothers Separated from their Infants in Prison: Using attachment theory to understand how prisons can provide support
Tom Dickins, Yvan Russell Department of Psychology Sarah Edwards Empathy and re-offending: An investigation into the efficacy of victim empathy interventions and directed offender-victim mediation on recidivism Joanna Adler, Jackie Gray Department of Psychology Shola Apena-Rogers Jackie Gray, Joanna Adler Department of Psychology Stella Orakwue Towards a Psychoanalytic theory of financial corruption Julia Borossa, Lucia Corti, Vincenzo Ruggiero Department of Psychology Tamzin Batteson An exploration into the adequacy of current mental imagery scales Nicholas Le Boutillier, David Westley, Richard Barry Department of Psychology Victoria Whitelock Does Neurocognitive Training have the Potential to Improve Dietary Self-Care in Type 2 Diabetes? In 1960, the first laser was demonstrated by Theodore Maiman working title Nollaig Frost, Louise Ryan Department of Psychology Nazeida Jhingoor Visual-Spatial Processing Strategies in Development Dyslexia Nicola Brunswick, Mark Coulson Department of Psychology Aikaterini - Nina Polytimou Music processing, language processing, social abilities and working memory in preschool children: the effects of short-term music and language training

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Lisa Marzano, Andrea Oskis Department of Psychology Ian Belton GCHQ Psychology of Intelligence Analysis Mandeep Dhami, Arie Nouwen Department of Psychology Jean Waugh Modelling Retrospective Metamemory: an Experimental SEM Approach Bahman Baluch, Mark Coulson, Stephen Nunn Department of Psychology Katherine Emma Brown The History of the Cotswold Therapeutic Community — psychoanalytic perspectives on love and hate
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