from the original on March 17, 2017 From reports of his repeated confrontations with the police, trashing of a hotel room, chain smoking, drinking, and drug use, to his multiple engagements to such glamorous women as supermodel Kate Moss and Hollywood starlet Winona Ryder and others, we clearly see a perfect fit between his non-conformist star image and his repertoire of outsider characters
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They were the opposite of the boys, or and DiCaprio, because they seemed embarrassed by their looks, even resentful of them.

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Depp's final film of the year was in the financial and critical failure , a thriller in which he played an accountant who is told to kill a politician to save his kidnapped daughter
افلام جونى ديب
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Johnny Depp
However, the film failed to bring back its production costs
2003—2011: Pirates of the Caribbean, commercial and critical success Depp in costume as In 2003, Depp starred in the adventure film , which was a major box office success " Depp won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Actor for the role, and was nominated for the third time for an Academy Award
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In 2018, Depp voiced the title character Sherlock Gnomes in the animated movie.

افلام جونى ديب
Depp began the 2010s with another collaboration with Tim Burton, 2010 , in which he played the opposite , and
جوني ديب ديانته عمره زوجته أولاده معلومات عنه وصور
In addition to the Pirates franchise, Depp also made further four films with Tim Burton that were major successes, with one, Alice in Wonderland 2010 , becoming the biggest commercial hit of Depp's career and one of the highest-grossing films in history as of 2021
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Depp signing autographs at the Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End premiere in 2007 In 2007, Depp collaborated with Burton for their sixth film together, this time playing murderous barber in the musical 2007
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His second film of the year was 's 1993 , a drama about a dysfunctional family in which he starred alongside and Stedman, Alex June 23, 2017

Both lawsuits were settled, the former in 2018 and the latter in 2019.

جوني ديب ديانته عمره زوجته أولاده معلومات عنه وصور
After 21 Jump Street, Depp chose to work in independent films, often taking on quirky roles that sometimes even completely obscured his looks, such as Edward Scissorhands
جوني ديب ينتظر البراءة من العنف ضد زوجته السابقة
The first was a of the novel by Hunter S
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In 1994, Depp reunited with director Tim Burton, playing the title role in , a biographical film about one of history's most inept film directors