In June 2021, the Egyptian Public Prosecution froze all bank accounts of Ramadan, as he had to pay 6m in compensation to the family of the pilot Abu Al-Yusr, who had died earlier that year He is also known for launching of very expensive music videos for his songs and with his collaborations
Frankie J Filmography [ ] This list is ; you can help by Akher Deek Fe Masr 2017• The incident came months after Israel signed normalization deals with the and


كيف تم سيناريو التحفظ على أموال محمد رمضان؟
He has received the award for greatest nationwide talent three times consecutively — an unprecedented achievement
تعرف على حقيقة التحفظ على أموال محمد رمضان
Then he married Nesreen El Sayed Abd El Fattah, with whom he has two children: Ali and Kenz
محمد رمضان (ممثل)
He is also very popular in "tik tok" promotions and following
With a prosperous acting career in films and television series, he has more recently become a famous and very prominent Egyptian pan-Arab singer July 2019 Films [ ]• Music [ ] His songs have huge following throughout the and are instant hits
Mousa 2021 References [ ]• On November 21, 2020, the shared a photo of Ramadan with Arab-Israeli footballer and Israeli singer in a rooftop party in Sery lel 8aya 2020 Television series [ ] [ ]• which sparked condemnation by Arabs on social media accusing Ramadan of being a "Zionist"

A soap opera featuring Ramadan was also reportedly cancelled.

بالأرقام.. ثروة وممتلكات محمد رمضان أغني ممثل في مصر
Other ventures [ ] Mohamed Ramadan has been also very successful in commercial sponsorships and advertising promotions in Egypt and the Arab World including the telecommunication company Etisalat Misr and 4G with associated music releases like "ElTop"
محمد رمضان
Mohamed Ramadan is perhaps the only Egyptian actor to have been praised by the performer , who stated that he had chosen Mohamed to perpetuate his acting legacy
تعرف على حقيقة التحفظ على أموال محمد رمضان
The Union of Artistic Syndicates suspended his membership for the same reason