Shimr encouraged them to kill him: "Shame on you! SUNY Series in Near Eastern Studies Upon the orders of the commander of the army, , Shimr set on fire the tents of Husayn's companions, and was intent on burning Husayn's personal tent before being prevented by his own comrades
Later he accompanied the prisoners to Syria ruled Basra at the time and Shimr wrote him a letter requesting assistance

He later defected to the Umayyads.

Depiction [ ] Shimr is depicted usually wearing red with a long feathered cap in the passion plays during the Shia mourning remembrance of
6 ـ شمر بن ذي الجوشن
In 680, , a grandson of Muhammad and son of caliph , sent his cousin to Kufa in response to calls from the pro-Alids to overthrow the Umayyads
آیا می دانید سرنوشت شمر بن ذی الجوشن چه شد؟
After an almost day-long sequence of skirmishes and duels, most of Husayn's companions were killed, but the Umayyad soldiers hesitated to kill Husayn
The offer was declined because Husayn was not offered any safe conduct Albany, New York: State University of New York Press
He then attempted to kill Husayn's surviving son , but was prevented by Ibn Sa'd Shia relate that Shimr's body was then torn to pieces by wild dogs

A day before the battle, Shimr offered to three paternal brothers of Husayn, including , whose mother, , was from the tribe of Shimr.

قبر شمر بن ذي الجوشن
Why are you waiting for the man? He was from the Mu'awiya al-Dibab clan of the , branch of the tribe of
شمر بن ذی‌الجوشن
[ ] Descendants [ ] After Shimr was killed his sons left Kufa for the
تعرف على ”5“ جرائم بشعة ارتكبها شمر بن ذي الجوشن يوم عاشوراء
During the rule of , who had seized Kufa in October 685, Shimr was among the agitators who attempted to topple Mukhtar