In the case of poultry, free range was the dominant system until the discovery of vitamins and in the 1920s, which allowed confinement to be practised successfully on a commercial scale the open-air runs to which hens have access is mainly covered with vegetation and not used for other purposes except for orchards, woodland and livestock grazing if the latter is authorised by the competent authorities,• The has no specific definition for "free-range" , , and other non-poultry products
Free-range rearing of pullets: Free range rearing of for egg-laying is now being pioneered in the UK by various poultry rearing farms The broadness of "free range" in the U

Legally, a free-range jurisdiction allowed livestock perhaps only of a few named species to run free, and the owner was not liable for any damage they caused.

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F: "Feeding Poultry", page 11
Free range
Free-range chicken eggs, however, have no legal definition in the United States
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No beak trimming is allowed under this system
The mandatory attributes a number which is the first digit on the label to each of these categories: 0 for Organic, 1 for Free Range, 2 for Barn and 3 for Cages Egg Corp Assured is the weakest standard, set by the industry peak group and largely based on the Model Code of Practice
The broadness of "free range" in the U 27662 , the agency presented a summary and its responses to comments received in the 2002 notice, but only for the category "grass forage fed" which the agency stated was to be a category separate from "free range

Turkeys: Free-range turkeys have continuous access to an outdoor range during the daytime.

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American Pastured Poultry Producers' Association
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In poultry-keeping, "free range" is widely confused with , which means keeping poultry in fenced yards
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European Union [ ] Small-scale free range farming in the The regulates marketing standards for egg farming which specifies the following cumulative minimum conditions for the free-range method:• Egg Corp Assured has been known to certify farms running up to 44,000 birds per hectare outdoors, far in excess of recommendations