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2010 Census shows only two religion categories: "Muslim" and "Other" Watson, William 1983 , "Iran and China", in Yarshater, Ehsan, Cambridge History of Iran 3

Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Nations.

قائمة مدن البحرين
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain
3 كيلومترات مربعة زيادة في مساحة البحرين اليابسة
Dilmun and Its Gulf Neighbours by Harriet E
3 كيلومترات مربعة زيادة في مساحة البحرين اليابسة
Howard-Johnston, James: "The Sasanian's Strategic Dilemma"
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain.

مملكة البحرين
Shadows in the desert: ancient Persia at war
كم مساحة البحرين
golb, Bahrain, kuml, 1954, 103, bahrains oldtidshovedstad, kuml, 1954, 169• The 2011 US Department of State
جغرافيا البحرين
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain
Abdulla, Mohammed Ahmed; Zain al-'Abdeen, Bashir 2009 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain

Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands: The Geoarchaeology of an Ancient Society University Of Chicago Press, 1984• Women Living Under Muslim Laws.

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Kingdom of Bahrain
«المخطط الهيكلي» الجديد: زيادة مساحة البحرين لـ 934 كيلومتراً مربّعاً
International Journal of Environmental Science and Development
مملكة البحرين
Security and Territoriality in the Persian Gulf: A Maritime Political Geography