"It is usually suggested that between 1870 and 1914 Sweden emerged from its primarily agrarian economic system into a modern industrial economy Fact Sheet FS 91 e
11: "The agrarian revolution in Sweden is of fundamental importance for Sweden's modern development " Economic and Industrial Democracy 18 1 : 87—97

Yearbook of Housing and Building Statistics 2007.

جمعية تجهيز
Lund: Almqvist and Wiksell International
محمد عباس يتعرّض للضرب في السويد بسبب فتاة..بالصور
302: "In fact, the plans were mostly a ruse to establish control of the crucial Norwegian port of Narvik and the iron mines of northern Sweden, which were vitally important to the German war efforts
سياسة اللجوء في السويد.. تغييرات قد تعصف بمستقبل الكثيرين
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" -- see Chapin, Emerson Medieval Scandinavia: from Conversion to Reformation, Circa 800—1500
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Modern Welfare States: Politics and Policies in Social Democratic Scandinavia.

الاختبار الأول / تعليم السياقة في السويد
As context, according to , "To be neutral you must be ready to be highly militarized, like Switzerland or Sweden
التشيع في السويد
724: "Swedish expansion in Finland led to conflicts with Rus', which were temporarily brought to an end by a peace treaty in 1323, dividing the Karelian peninsula and the northern areas between the two countries
الاختبار الأول / تعليم السياقة في السويد
"The Role of Economists in Liberalising Swedish Agriculture" May 2007