Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering, Volume 2 "The Beginnings of Agriculture in Southwest Asia"
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"Burns treatment in ancient times".

تبديل اللبن الصناعي بلبن نيدو
"Dairy farmers tackle big coops"
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تبديل اللبن الصناعي بلبن نيدو
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African archaeology: a critical introduction "Evolution of the mammary gland from the innate immune system? Seven decades of milk,: A history of New York's dairy industry 1941• "Lactose malabsorption in Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking populations in Finland"
Eaves, Ali August 24, 2015 "Potential Applications of Non-Bovine Mammalian Milk in Infant Nutrition"

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Pure and Modern Milk: An Environmental History Since 1900
تاريخ نيدو
"Did the first farmers of central and eastern Europe produce dairy foods? Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
اشترِ حليب نيدو مغذي وعالي الجودة
government gives the dairy industry, as well as its promotion of milk as the highest-priority calcium-source