that was the tweet that out of nowhere intrigued my silenced thoughts He had our coffee ready to grab for our stroll
He knew exactly how I take my coffee, too hot and too bitter In 2008, it was pred Battle of Sexes, Diaries of a Strong Independent Woman It was a Sunday afternoon, the kind of Sundays where time stands still, where everything around seems to stop

It was also predicted that the Antarctic ice mass would be three miles thick by May 5 when the planets would be aligned in the heavens, somehow resulting in a global icy death.

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However, there are always room for that angry woman inside me that got her own not-i
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As these past years flashback before our eyes, we have actually survived so far twenty years through the new millennium, nevertheless the failed doomsday predictions of catastrophic problems ranging from vast blackouts to nuclear holocaust that stood out throughout…Yet, everyone survived
A wish coming from someone who always had hard-time defining love Free users are limited to 5 files per Rename task
my story with toxicity is actually new and is nothing compared to the stories i heard from my tweeps She unites us as a family, not just as individuals sharing the same roof, but as one unified entity

But only a few glitches occurred.

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I'd like to experience motherhood while embracing every step of it, from pregnancy to labor to maternity
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I want to be this type of a woman, of a mother
I want to raise my kids with love and affection
" if you know me well, you'd know my answer, but just in case you don't "a mom, I would like to be a mother, a full-time housewife" But if I'm incapable of defining or describing love, this doesn't necessarily make it "undefined" or "undescribed"

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I want to grow old wit "is it normal to miss a toxic person? In a way, I was somehow enjoying this battle of sexes between us