After studying biochemistry, he worked as a poet, essayist and novelist Jeden Morgen sehen sie durchs Fenster zu mir herein
His journalism has a literary character, while his prose has poetic and journalistic touches He is tireless in his endeavours to break out of every constriction and restriction, doing away in his writing with the formal boundaries separating genres and moving between them

Thus, his understanding of himself as 'I as subject' runs as a thread through his entire literary work.

إزرعوا الشوارع بونسيانا
Endlich bekommen sie Besuch von jemandem, der in gewisser Beziehung zu ihnen steht, ihre weitgestreute Verwandtschaft kennt, die ein und derselben tropischen Saat entsprungen ist
Khaled is a determined opponent of any norms that force the individual into prescribed patterns of thought and behaviour
'Amkenah' 'Places' sees itself as a forum for a linguistically and artistically unconventional real-life confrontation with the 'place' as a concrete space, but also as a a concept of ideas
Khaled is also well-known as the editor of the cultural journal 'Amkenah', founded in 1999, which enjoys a high reputation throughout the Arab world
As a poet he is at home in the prose poem 1960, Alexandria, Egypt lives in: Alexandria, Egypt Alaa Khaled born in 1960 in Alexandria, Egypt defies boundaries

Die Traurigkeit zieht von einem Ort zum anderen, nimmt auf jeder Reise eine neue Farbe an.

رنف ملكي
معلومات عن شجرة البونسيانا


شجرة البونسيانا [زراعتها والعناية بها]
معلومات عن شجرة البونسيانا
شجرة البونسيانا [زراعتها والعناية بها]