The two fight at the top of the tower, and Spider-Man manages to subdue the Goblin McNary, Drew July 23, 2014
The character has subsequently been cloned or revived several times or seen different iterations in the comics, including one as , and has been included in several television shows and cartoons based on Spider-Man Emma Stone portrayed Gwen Stacy in and its sequel

Following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Alison Willmore of cited Stone's performance and the love story of two people "hopelessly smitten with each other" as the highlights of the film, with the other subplots and villains serving to "complicate the relationship between Peter and Gwen.

Estate Agents in North Shields, Tyne & Wear
Kroll, Justin; Stewart, Andrew September 23, 2010
Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider
When asked about their relationship in the sequel, Stone said, "She saves him more than he saves her
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Comic appearances [ ] Marvel Infinite Tie-in comics [ ] Gwen appears in comics that tie into both films in the series, helping Peter redesign his Spider-Man suit and attempting to maintain a friendship with him after their initial breakup before resuming their relationship
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However, during the fight, Gwen falls and is supported by a web connected to one of the gears That chemistry later inspired their off-screen romance

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Estate Agents in North Shields, Tyne & Wear
Later, an unknown team of men break Sytsevich out of prison
Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider
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Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider
" Her character, she explained, "is stuck between [her father] the Captain and Peter Parker and Spider-Man, who have different ways about going about finding justice in their lives" which she felt was a fun thing to explore