, , , , ,• Black screen then puffs out!!! , , , , ,• This indicator plots the distribution of data between different bins Hello All, This script calculates and shows Volume Profile for the fixed range
It displays non-overlapping visuals for the major trading sessions : Oceania, Asia, Europe, and USA Fix your act, simple UAT


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1 version you have just crippled the heck out of your app
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As a special feature, this indicator allows you to choose from three as of
new feature in Pine Language and it's used in this script as an example

Essentially, what we do is we look at the min and max of the entire data set to determine its range.

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, , , , ,• Please also send us a screenshot of this so that we may see how this appears on your side and exactly what you are referring to
, , , , ,• Options: "Number of Bars" : Number of the bars that volume profile will be
When we have the range of the data, we decide how many

We hope to hear from you soon.

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