The issue is that a computed "age" appears in each cell despite the fact that I have not filled in a birthdate If you don't consider that in the formula when you forecast you will be off by a few days
What is wrong and how do I correct it? Hi Krista, That would be the length of time since Excel's callander started :P You're getting that because the cell you're referencing is blank - is you r son's DOB in Cell E13? However, each of the 2 components of this formula is a separate number, integer

I have a feeling date functions may do this in later versions of Excel i.

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However, because YEARFRAC DATE 1932,6,5 ,DATE 2002,6,5 , 1 computes to 69
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why do you use comma's , when Excel only accepts semi-colons ; really beats me? Also note: The regional settings in my control panel list short date as dd-MMM-yy, so I don't think this would be the problem
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Is there a way to make the age cell blank until a value is placed in the birthdate cell so as not to see ongoing "115's? ie: everything below the correct calculations in the column reads 115 years as a default
Hello, I have added the formula for age that works well It produces the correct answer eg 9
So, adding 3 to the MM part will only give 14 if it is 11 before the addition But each time I do this I get 9

Once you get the number of days difference and you need to identify a specific date at which they will turn an age is when you need to factor in leap days.

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nd rd st or th
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In fact, John is 70
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I had only suggested the use of YEARFRAC instead of DATEDIF function which i wasn't getting on my Excel
Is the FX part of the box? If not, you'll need to create a table with the number in the first column i I have used the following to calculate the age of children in my class
Not because they are wrong per se but simply because 1 1-12 and months in the 2nd column Jan-Dec then use vlookups so that the function can convert the numbers into the correct text

I've created an inventory of PCs for my company, and am using this to calculate hardware age based on purchase date.

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One should be careful using Method C, with the YEARFRAC function, because of rounding error in computations involving leap years
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Again, lookup tables did that and I was able to shorten the funtions calculations by using if statements instead but that was very fiddly and half the time I found myself trying to use PHP which would do the job in no time! I'm not sure if this is the best solution, but I've added a precise day to the computation, which I assume shouldn't affect other calculations because it is shorter than the formula assumes a day to be
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My question is this - is there a way to take this formula and make it so that I can essentially click a button to have it applied to a cell, and then just be able to then select the cell I want it to do the calculation on?