By the time the police entered, he was nowhere to be found Banning sees through the ruse
It was initially scheduled for an April 5, 2013 release, but moved to avoid competition with , which was to open at the same time its release was later pushed back to June 28 In the Capitol Building, the Vice President is informed of the situation in the White House and was put on a plane for his protection

Judged by the merits of serious filmmaking, the legends of the craft, and the movies that go down in history as being powerful, groundbreaking, or novel, this is a by-the-numbers flop of a thriller.

White House Down (2008)
Emily runs outside and waves off the incoming fighter planes with a presidential flag, calling off the air strike
White House Down
In the right place to make a difference, Cale is the sole person inside the White House with the experience to save President Sawyer, but he must also find a way to protect Emily before the terrorists destroy the nation's biggest symbol
Olympus Has Fallen
Similarly to movies like , there's lots of violence and an extremely high body count collateral damage , but there are only a few bloody injuries
Eighteen months later, Banning works at the , having been removed from the presidential detail You will be able to watch White House Down full movie after
The bits of humor shoeless President Sawyer looks into his closet for wingtips and then changes into Air Jordans instead; later, he says "the pen IS mightier" when sticking it to a baddie with his presidential fountain pen , the well-choreographed action, and the performances -- from the irresistible Tatum, to the fabulous Clarke and Woods as villains, to as the Secret Service agent trying desperately to help -- will make up for this crowd-pleaser's many failings On September 28, it was announced that would direct

Really good sets, special effects and sound, but none of it matters when paired with a ridiculous script and cringe-worthy dialog.

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I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves action films
White House Down
They literally included a bit telling the young daughter of the hero in all this Magic Mike that her upload to YouTube helped save the day and OMG can you believe how many Views - YAY!!! If there is no play button available for White House Down then that means it is not available to play on 123movies4u at this time
White House Down (2013)
The robbery reminds Will of an old FBI case he could not solve; but this time he will