Think of MyFiles section as your own virtual Library that you can access anytime from anywhere and share the contents with anyone you want Everyone at the support team was extremely helpful when I contacted them for several issues
Tout enseignant devrait avoir les moyens de mettre des limites dans son cours en ligne When interacting with digital activities, students often don't perceive it as 'work

' Easyclass makes it possible to achieve higher student motivation and increased learning through online tools and class activities.

بوابة سلطنة عمان التعليمية؛ طريقة تسجيل الدخول إلي البوابة
For Students Digital curricula can be easily given to students, which is more fun for them
نظام فيو كلاس والمراحل التعليمية التي تدعمها المنصة
تسجيل الدخول فيو كلاس view class .. رابط منصة view class
MyFiles section on Easyclass allows you to store, organize, share and manage documents, all within your Easyclass account
Avendo utilizzato molte altre applicazioni nel corso degli anni passati, mi hanno meravigliato gli strumenti offerti da Easyclass "Cette plateforme est un software vraiment merveilleux
I have found the platform very useful in the classroom I have and will continue to recommend Easyclass to other teachers

FREE UNLIMITED FILE STORAGE Tired of bookmarking web pages or storing files and materials on multiple sources such as computers, memory sticks, etc? It answers to all our needs.

طريقة التسجيل في نظام فيو كلاس
شرح منصة فيو كلاس تسجيل الدخول