Badawi, Raif; , editor; , translator, 1000 Lashes: Because I Say What I Think Smith, Lydia 7 July 2014
It was painfully horrible to imagine what was happening to Raif He was influenced by numerous books by Arab authors that refused to see the world on a purely religious standpoint, including The Universe Judges God by , Arab Culture in the Age of Globalization by , and Prisoner 32 by Mohammed Saeed Tayeb, an author that Raif deeply admires and was placed under his wing

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من هو رائف بدوي
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Raif Badawi
He was prevented from leaving Saudi Arabia, and both his and his wife's bank accounts were frozen in 2009
سمر بدوي
Badawi's wife believes he is in poor physical and psychological health, and fears his sentence may be "a slow death"
Prosecution and imprisonment of Badawi's lawyer [ ] Badawi's lawyer also transcribed as Abu al-Khair was imprisoned after setting up Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, a While his exact location is unknown, it has been reported that Badawi is currently imprisoned in
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Lawyer Waleed Abu Alkhair told the BBC that Mr Badawi, a father of three, had confirmed in court that he was a Muslim but told the judge "everyone has a choice to believe or not believe.

رائف بدوي.. القصة الكاملة
Badawi additionally asked on his blog regarding the logic on why all Saudis need to believe in Islam, and despite his Muslim faith, he stated that Islam cannot explain everything and people should be free to believe in whatever religion they choose to follow
He was to receive the punishment 50 lashes at a time every Friday for 20 weeks until the sentence was complete
مبادرة من كندا... أمل جديد للناشط السعودي رائف بدوي؟
Charged with "setting up a website that undermines general security", "ridiculing Islamic religious figures", and "going beyond the realm of obedience", Badawi appeared before a district court in on 17 December 2012
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" Sweden's foreign minister, , has spoken publicly about Badawi's case and other Saudi Arabian human rights issues from the original on 21 October 2016

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رائف بدوي.. القصة الكاملة
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مبادرة من كندا... أمل جديد للناشط السعودي رائف بدوي؟
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رائف بدوي.. القصة الكاملة
This came after the Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs , expressed concern over the arrest of , a human rights activist in Saudi Arabia and sister of Raif Badawi, and demanded the release of both Samar and Raif