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This expansion included the current grand reading room, which measures 23 metres long and features an ornately-painted wooden ceiling, and also added an entrance outside the mosque which made it accessible to non-Muslims Many scholars distinguish this status from the status of "university" similar to how Christian seminaries are not classified as a university , which they view as a distinctly invention

The mihrab area, which dates from the Almoravid 12th-century expansion, is decorated with carved and painted , as well as several windows of coloured glass.

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In any case, one cannot avoid making comparisons when certain unwarranted statements have already been made and seem to be currently accepted without question
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Organization — The Libra Association is made up of a group of diverse organizations from around the world
: A History Of African Higher Education From Antiquity To The Present: A Critical Synthesis Studies in Higher Education, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2005, , p The Libra man always strives for continuous renewal and development and does not like to stay long in one job, at the same time enjoys a good biography everywhere he goes
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The pavilions have pyramidal domes and emulate the pavilions in the in the.

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The most unwarranted of these statements is the one which makes of the "madrasa" a "university"
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The most ornate and best-preserved examples include the doors of the principal northern gate, Bab al-Ward which opens onto the courtyard , the western gate called Bab Sbitriyyin, and the southwestern gate Bab al-Gna'iz which leads to the Jama' al-Gna'iz or Funeral Mosque
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a college for higher studies, as opposed to an elementary school of traditional type ; in mediaeval usage, essentially a college of in which the other Islamic sciences, including literary and philosophical ones, were ancillary subjects only
Minaret [ ] The minaret, seen from the south The minaret was constructed in the 10th century under the sponsorship of the , We are on the site We will answer all these questions in the lines of this article and will explain the most prominent defects of the Libra man
; Rahman, Munibur; Hillenbrand, R The mosque school or college did not assume the name of university until 1960 when in a ceremony invested it with that dignified title

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Status as world's oldest university [ ] See also: Some sources, most notably , consider the Qarawiyyin to be the "oldest university in the world"
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The collection housed numerous works from the , , and the
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