The USA takes second place, followed by the UK, Brazil, and Spain Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X S, Switch, and PC
While being flung towards the finish line the player is being bombarded with fruits, whereas in the game the level consists of players being bombarded with balls We know that because Twitter actually bothered to compile some numbers about the game even though we're only two weeks out from their

First and foremost, the clip is full of new costumes that players can dress their running jelly beans up as.

Twitter Erupts As TimTheTatman Wins in Fall Guys
And it appears the social media manager behind the official account has no remorse for Tim or his many unsuccessful runs in Fall Guys
Fall Guys Gets Twitter Emoji for Season 2
There will also be some gameplay changes, including a new way to team up with your friends
Twitter Erupts As TimTheTatman Wins in Fall Guys
This development led to the speculation that the new update could involve new variants of the same levels in the new season 2 update for Fall Guys
While has continued to skyrocket in popularity among streamers and battle royale fans, Among Us has also become a new favorite for streamers Further, both games involve elements of sabotage, with
You can check out some of the tweets below The new season brings some new levels and agents of Chaos in the game

Furthermore, the official Fall Guys Twitter account assured fans that the playlist doesn't defer to consecutive rounds of Slime Climb.

Fall Guys’ Twitter Apologizes For Network Issues
If that wasn't bad enough, the official Fall Guys has turned this joke into a full-on meme
Fall Guys season 5 release date set for July
We already know that the Fall Guys Twitter handle , but the number of Fall Guys tweets is an equally staggering 3
With Nearly 4 Million Related Tweets, Fall Guys Is Officially A Twitter Sensation
Together, the two are making for some hilarious content