Taj is your Medical Center Why should I pay an extra in the hundreds? All our specialists are trained in life-support, first-aid and AED
You are five days late for a paper that needs a signature from a million doctors or above Welcome to Taj Medical Center website

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دليل سعودي
I invite you to use this resource for your healthcare information needs
تضامن للرعاية الصحية
I welcome you to Taj Medical Center as a visitor, a patient, an applicant or an interested physician
تاج الزركونيوم
Every day, we strive to be your local healthcare provider of choice when it comes to your healthcare needs
Since 1992, we are providing best service to our patients in various medical fields
Thank you for taking the time to learn about us You do not learn from the last time someone dies

Ambulance Services With a mission to provide the highest quality of safety and care for our patients, Taj Ambulance Service comprises a highly trained team of doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers who are willing to go the extra mile.

دليل سعودي
I am confident that your experience with us will be a positive one
دليل سعودي
The ability to seek preventive and acute medical services close to home is essential for a healthy and growing community
عملية تاج الأسنان
We pride ourselves in being a quality polyclinic always close to you