Protest in against bin Salman's state visit to the , 7 March 2018 Bin Salman leads the against the Houthi rebels, who in 2015 seized and ousted the Saudi-backed Hadi government, ending multilateral efforts towards a political settlement following the Trump and his administration also firmly supported bin Salman during global backlash following the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi
On 4 November 2017, the Saudi press announced the arrest of the Saudi prince and billionaire , a frequent English-language news commentator and a major shareholder in , and , as well as over 40 princes and government ministers at the behest of the Crown Prince on corruption and charges , spokesperson for the , called bin Salman's remarks "disgusting" and a defence of "the use of concentration camps against Uighur Muslims"

McKernan, Bethan 23 May 2018.

شاهد: مزارع الورود في الطائف تزدهر في شهر رمضان
Following a Houthi missile attack against Riyadh in December 2017, which was intercepted by Saudi air defence, airstrikes killed 136 Yemeni civilians and injured 87 others in eleven days
بئر الفقير
Jessie Yeung and Hamdi Alkhshali
Mohammed bin Salman
Al Omran, Ahmed; Kerr, Simon 19 September 2017
In response to foreign criticism and women's rights activism, Bin Salman has implemented modest reforms to improve women's rights in Saudi Arabia from the original on 20 October 2018
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Bin Salman told the in April 2017 that without America's cultural influence on Saudi Arabia, "we would have ended up like.

أكاديمي إماراتي بارز يُهاجم بن سلمان: بليد.. ولا يحسن تدبير مزرعة دجاج
Prince Mohammed is a Saudi nationalist• President , bin Salman broke protocol to deliver a monologue criticising
أكاديمي إماراتي بارز يُهاجم بن سلمان: بليد.. ولا يحسن تدبير مزرعة دجاج
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محمد بن سلمان
Administration [ ] Bin Salman's ideology has been described as and , with a attitude towards politics, and a stance on economic and social issues
The following day, the reported the enactment of a abolishing for crimes committed by minors Bin Salman was appointed minister of defence and secretary general of the Royal Court
Harris, Shane; Crow, Kelly; Said, Summer 7 December 2017 from the original on 8 June 2018

Robertson, Nic 21 June 2018.

مدينة الورود في السعودية تزدهر في شهر رمضان
The company concluded with "medium to high confidence" that Bezos' phone was hacked by a multimedia message sent in May 2018 from the account of bin Salman, after which the phone begun transmitting dramatically higher amounts of data
مدينة الورود في السعودية تزدهر في شهر رمضان
, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said that "certainly Saudi Arabia has had a corruption problem for many years
مدينة الورود في السعودية تزدهر في شهر رمضان
The commercial operations of the railway began on 11 October 2018